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Windows sills

Proper selection and installation of the external window sill are extremely important aspects of properly finished building walls. These elements fulfil two very important functions: firstly, they protect the façade against dampness and dampness and secondly, they constitute an attractive visual crowning of the window and façade. Here is an indispensable guide to externally mounted window sills.

Types of external window sills

In this case, we are dealing with a division based on the material of manufacture. Each type of window sills used outdoors is resistant to weather conditions.

Steel – they are the cheapest among all the exterior window sills available on the market, which to a large extent determines the fact that they are also among the most popular. However, they are attractive not only for their price, but also for their properties. First of all, they are universal, because they match both windows made of PVC and those made of wood. They are finished with a decorative varnish, which may take various colours and imitations, therefore, it is easy to match them to almost every elevation of the building. They are made of metal sheet 0,55-1 mm thick, from 9 to 40 cm wide and up to 6 mb long. It is worth noting the fact that if properly maintained, they can decorate a window and protect a façade for up to 30 years.

Aluminium – the price goes up, but so does the durability of the material. They are very rigid and rustproof thanks to weather-resistant powder coating. This also makes them maintenance-free. Their rigidity, in turn, is ensured by aluminium sheets 1.2-1.5 mm thick. Similarly to steel ones, aluminium window sills are also available in many colour variants. Additionally, they can have smooth or embossed surface, which diversifies their choice. However, they require expansion joints at the ends of the sill and around fixing screws. In addition, during rainfall, drops reflecting on them are clearly audible.

Types of internal window sills

PVC – These window sills are made of PVC material and finished with a special veneer, thanks to which they can perfectly imitate wood. Their colour palette is almost unlimited.

Conglomerate window sills – are an excellent alternative to stone window sills, which they perfectly imitate. Although they are made of ground natural stone and resin, but retain all the most important usability parameters of these window sills – primarily hardness and non-absorbability. In comparison to stone windowsills, conglomerate windowsills are much cheaper, which is why more and more people choose them. The process of their production also makes them an ideal way to recycle waste. They combine ecology with usefulness.

MDF – MDF windowsills are an excellent choice. High quality MDF, made from wood-based materials, means exceptional durability and excellent visual qualities. The available patterns and colours allow for matching any type of interior and window. Functional, easy to install and made with the utmost care. We invite you to get acquainted with our MDF window sills offer.

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